Clients I've Helped Grow

Over 30 years in business I've helped both global brands and one-man startups use the power of direct response.

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The same email tool as I use today. I've added hundreds of leads and active clients from pro-active referrals and partner campaigns


Back when they were known as As Seen On Screen we sent emails that were so successful, it knocked the site out, for about 3 days.


A cool upcycling business and gift shop in Hampton Hill. We created their first ecommerce store and email campaigns.

Battersea Power Station

Lead generation website for this landmark property development. In Chinese.

Boux Avenue

I ran user tests on the newly launched Boux Avenue tests, uncovered points of friction and created the beginning of a split testing programme to improve site conversions. Boux Avenue is owned by Theo Paphatis of Dragons Den fame


Ran lead generation websites for SME services in partnership with their customer magazines team.

Campaign Monitor

I ran a white label platform for this email marketing provider and brought in enterprise-level ecommerce clients as part of our marketing services at Shine Marketing.


Lead-generation for a UK firm of solicitors. Included ambulance-chasing and debt-collection niches.

Coventry University

Lead generation website, conversion testing & analytics, for overseas students.

Direct Wines

I created a campaign of dynamically generated emails to prospects of the wine club, increasing incremental sales and reducing churn.


Marketing strategy for clients of the UK's largest email marketing service provider (at the time)

Electronic Arts

List building and customer research. I met Michael Owen filming for FIFA one day. He was covered in ping pong balls.

Emerging Communications

This is my wife's agency. They're amazing and if you're serious about China you should hire them. I helped get them off the ground, and I build their clients lead generation websites. This is more fun because I don't speak a word of Chinese.

Executive Secretary Magazine

My agency built the first magazine subscription system, and content website for this startup.

FROM Clothing

Ethical yoga clothing brand, similar to Sweaty Betty. I built the first ecommerce site and email campaigns.


Product development and client campaign management for one ofthe UK's earliest email marketing service providers

George Davies

The man behind Next and Geroge@Asda. My agency created his personal website and his only solo ecommerce website (GIVe).

Gfk Research

I was the top ranked affiliate for multiple quarters, building their survey panel through email campaigns.

Groupe Bull

I spent a year at their global marketing HQ in Paris trawling industry databases for likely new leads. I can still just about type on a French AZERTY keyboard and I know most of the excel menus in French. Who says travel doesn’t broaden the mind.


I ran the website.Seriously, that was my actual job, and I hated it. If your job involves you selling plastic tat to kids, and getting abused by retail chains, and you’re ok with it, we can’t be friends.

Hatton Garden Jewellers

I designed & optimised landing pages for in-store events and built email lists of ultra-high-net-worth visitors. I also designed post-visit sales follow-up processes for a chain of 5 diamond dealers.

Holiday Autos

Stars of the terrible reality TV show 'The Secret Life of The Office'. Before it all kicked off I ran their email campaigns.

Immediate Future

I helped Katie rescue her website from a disaster in about 2007 and we’ve been friends ever since. Her and her team are amazing, enterprise level, social marketers. I learn jaw-dropping stuff every time we meet.

Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing

Teaching people about affiliate marketing (using email) and email marketing.

Invitation of Love

Webinar scripting for a relationships coaching business. Filled the room for a live event in London.

IPC Magazines

I ran early email marketing programmes for magazines including NME and Fox & Hounds.


Grew a 2 million email list of freebie hunters. Left when the business sold to Maximiles for 20m Euro.

J&B Rare Brands

Loyalty promotions for whiskey brands

Key to Study

Built automated email marketing funnels for this rapid learning consultancy.

Kimberley Clark

I once had to add 10,000 incontinent women to a marketing database. You can't do that on Facebook.

Lanson Running

Project managed their first ecommerce site then ran PPC and email campaigns. We did a very cool little interactive shoe advice tool that doubled search conversions. The business eventually sold to Up & Running.

Longman ELT

Set up direct response processes for language schools in the UK, Europe & S. America

Mercury Communications

Direct mail campaigns & loyalty programmes.

Molton Brown

I picked their email marketing tech provider and ran their first email campaign. It got a 53% response rate. That's purchases, not clicks. I know. Mental isn't it.

One Month

New York-based coding school. I created interactive conversion funnels, coached the founder on webinar scripts and ran Facebook ads.

Paddy Power

We ran email campaigns around their sponsorship of Big Brother. Interesting fact, my acting debut on BBC2 clashed with the final eviction night. Not even my mum watched it.

Philips Sound & Vision

List building across Europe. Customer feedback to product teams.

Reed Business Information

Split testing for trade magazine subscriptions. Email campaigns for high-ticket reports & trade exhibitions.

Road Cycle Exchange

Local project to upcycle quality road bikes. I built the original ecommerce site.


Response handling for fundraiser campaigns. RSPB is the richest charity in the UK. Some days, envelopes stuffed with cash would arrive and we had no idea who had sent them.


Older women’s clothing brand. Nice to see someone chasing a market that actually has some money instead of vapid Grazia readers. We got them started with ecommerce, email marketing and SEO and worked hard to stop the branding agency make a mess of it.

Shine Marketing

This was my agency. I started it in 2006 and left in 2013 after I sold it to K3 Retail. We had a great team who did awesome work for lots of online retail clients. I miss them loads.


Yoga-inspired jewellery store built on Shopify, including email list building campaigns.

Sony Entertainment

Built a direct marketing database from product inserts.

St Mary’s University, London

I rescued their website from the hands of an evil villain, then helped them get more leads.

Sunday Times Wine Club

I created a campaign of dynamically generated emails to prospects of the wine club, increasing incremental sales and reducing churn.

Superhuman Enterprises

Created email lists & campaigns, scripted webinars, ran Facebook ads, and made over $3m in sales for a series of rapid learning courses. Jonathan is one of the coolest clients I’ve worked with and we did amazing work. Few clients have the nerve to test half the things we did.

The Beauty Room

I grew this skincare retailer’s ecommerce & catalogue business to £300k in under a year. It got so successful that QVC got the hump and my CEO lost his nerve. Lesson learned. If you sell on QVC, you sell your soul as well.

The Running Outlet

Project managed an ecommerce store development, email campaigns and affiliate programme.

The TT Store

Local clothing brand that taps into motor heritage fans. I built the first ecommerce site and got them started on email marketing with some cool tricks they could use IRL at big car rallies.

Turnstone Services

Built and optimised PPC campaign pages for IT training workshops as part of a lead-generation campaign.


Facebook & Google ads, plus conversion optimisation for a universities fair in London for overseas students.


I was in charge of spending a multi-million pound budget to find out what people would buy if all the Flora in Tescos ran out.

William & Son

I designed & optimised landing pages for in-store events and built an email list of ultra-high-net-worth visitors. W&S are Goldsmiths to Her Majesty The Queen.

Zabu Coffee

I built the first ecommerce funnel for this subscription-based coffee business.


Uber luxury skincare brand. I ran global campaigns in PPC, SEO, email & affiliates.


I created the first ecommerce site for this quirky handbags brand as well as their first email marketing revenues, SEO, and PPC.