5 Email types by Derek Johanssen

Photography brief for personal websites

For when your LinkedIn headshot won’t cut it, this is a great checklist to give your photographer as you get your site redesigned.

Colin Landforce’s 2024 Short Form Social Content Report

Use it or lose it

An interesting guarantee to encourage consumption.

Peter Farrelly on writer’s block

“I’d rather wrote shit than write nothing. Because with shit, you have something to work with.”

Ian Stanley live email writing

The golden nugget in here is that from about 20 minutes you can see the breakdown of two of Ian’s funnels for his copy products. His results are exceptional (he’s a copywriter with a well established reputation), but it shows a working pattern for the type of offers you can give as bumps and upsells […]

Checkout button split test results

$12 extra per visitor? Yes please.

How to improve AI with simple prompts

Research paper shows how to improve prompts by up to 50% with simple amends:

Turning your newsletters into paying customers – Daniel Bustamante

On Andy Newsom’s Podcast

Fascinations course by Eddie Schleyner (Very Good Copy)

Bullets are the greatest skill in copy, becauase when. you can write bullets, you can write headlines. Lots of headlines Which is wha it takes to write one good one This is a copy copying course that just focusses on bullets.

Chase Dimond’s 7 storytelling patterns

How to record educational videos that don’t suck

1. Make your videos as natural and personal as possible. You want your viewer to feel like they are on a call with you or you made the video just for them. 2. Audio and video quality should be good enough to not be distracting, but “overproducing” makes it feel less personal. 3. Speak normally. […]

Andy Newsom interviews Matt McGarry on Newsletter Growth

Matt was on of the newsletter growth guys at The Hustle and has some good tips on using paid channels to grow a list.

Landing page template

Found via @Mike_Scully_ on Twitter A bit generic but a good homepage layout.

Ian Stanley Writing Live Emails

Steve Jobs on personal branding:

“Marketing is about values. It’s a complicated and noisy world, and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us.”

Craig Clemens 7 Human Hijacks

A VSL masterclass from one of the best in the trade.

“Me at the zoo”

The first ever youtube video, uploaded by Youtube founder Jawed Karim

Justin Goff: Offers that can scale to 100’s of sales per day

Stefan Georgi: Direct Response Copywriting 101

What is it, and what makes it effective?

Sales Roleplay with Shannyn Lee

Really expert piece of sales beginning. Watch out for Decision making process (these are never 1 single call in large B2B projects)Digging into what they really want and the pain driving it. Source of the lead. Time vs budgetKnowing that the RFP is never the way to find the right supplier

“Play it Safe” by Tim Minchin

50th anniversary video for Sydney Opera house. A celebration of standing out. (Thanks to John Spencer Williams for sharing)

How to find business ideas in Twitter

2 solid ones in this post. I tried the “I’d pay for” search and found the same thing from a good half dozen people.

Naeem’s LinkedIn live on B2B leadgen

Watch how Naeem positions branding as a necessary first step in the leadgen process. A perfect example of selling what people want, and giving them what they need.

Emailtool tester deliverability report

All the swish features in the world won’t help if your message isn’t getting through

Diary of a CEO Short Form Video Guide Template

Sorytelling in client reviews with Steve Rawling

Steve is the author of PipDecks

Neil de Grasse Tyson on Soundbites

Chat GPT Writing Prompts

by Nicolas Cole & Dickie Bush

Twitter’s hidden “Featured Products” Link

Described by Rob Lennon here:https://twitter.com/thatroblennon/status/1702464615039545763

Will Smith list of screenwriting & storytelling books

From “How I Taught My Brother-In-Law To Make A Movie”

Michael Simmons: How to become a 6 figure creator in one year

Contins some useful models about the first, hardest step.

Kim Blanc’s notes on Jason Capital’s Matermind

Incredibly in depth post with high level sauce on how online offers really blow up.

Jeff Felten’s lead magnet Welcome Sequence

Takes too long to get to the pitch, but not bad as a set of email ideas.

Link building without the bureaucracy

Charles Floate’s last presentation about link building, from SEO Summit

Hunter S Thompson fear quote

“I understand that fear is my friend, but not always. Never turn your back on Fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed.” – Hunter S Thompson Kingdom of fear

7 most hated unethical marketing practices

Published by the GMA and News statesment, this is based on marketing “thought leader” opinion rather than consumer research, but still makes interesting reading.

20 email mistakes from Search Engine Journal

PWAT Email formula

Short, 120 word emails to maximise clicks for affiliate sales.

SamCart creator profits report

See the differences that the top selling creators use to propel them into higher sales & profits.

Joel Marion of BioTrust Supplements

Joel talks about how he got into the supplements game and how he learned copywriting for this intesely competitive industry.

All The Hormozi $100m Leads Gifts

All the give-aways from the webinar in one place

@aisolopreneur course launch email breakdown by Jeff Felten

Hormozi’s Affiliate Black Book

Given to affiliates for the $100m leads event (distributed with permission)

Elon Musk’s process design steps

Note how the process isn’t a given until it’s been stripped back to its core.

The first meme. Published in The Judge, 1921

XStance advertorial breakdown

Possible the easiest way to get into affiliate marketing is mass market product offers like this, and native ads, run via an advertorial page you own.

A/B Testing for YouTube thumbnails

Of course I’m going to geek out on this one.

5 newsletter fundamentals

The Gap

Definitions of success, and the creative gap between your taste and your abilities.

How the Beatles lost their first recording contract

The story talks about how Epstein wanted to show off their vesatility, but instead made it hard for the label to work out how they could be marketed. A straight up rock & roll set would have been a better choice in this respect.

Skindecat Company Ad

Quoted in the 1925 college paper, this was a mailer sent round as a joke about business opportunities

We’re all just sand until we build

“T.I.s are like the sand underneath Las Vegas: there’s nothing unique about a patch of sand in the Nevada desert until a city is built on it.” I found this line in an article about the incredible monopoly and moat that’s been built around a crappy 1990’s calculator.

SCARF model of human behaviour

5 dimensions of human behaviour which aren’t quantifiable.

The Hustle’s Ad Growth Guides

Adam Hayes ran 7 figure ad budgets growing The Hustle. His guides to running ad guides for a high growth newsletter are highly actionable and cover account structures, creative, and targeting.

Direct Sales for Bootstrapped Businesses with Nathan Barry

Nathan is the man behind Convertkit and knows a few things about sales and sending emails. Work a watch for the sales mindset tips

Finish this

A reminder that we’re still early

Website colours preview

Neat little tool that shows you how your brand colours look on a live site. Good for checking that your personal brand designs actually work as a web page.

Email guide by Adrian Savage

Adrian is an absolute master at email deliverability, so read this if you want to pump up your open rates.

The best ever “before we unsubscribe you” email

Because there’s no way they’re just not reading your emails. There has to be a more sinister answer.

Ayman Al-Abdullah on one-man brands

Youtube VSL Library

This affiliate has been collecting long form VSL’s and built a handy library for un in the process.

Sam Ocean on the one man media company

Mark Thompson on the one man media company

What is growth marketing?

Comprehensive breakdown of “what the hell is growth marketing”. Having a breakdown of the steps is the first move in building an effective flood of leads into your business and knowing what parts you should try to automate or outsource.

wtf doesthis company do?

A free AI tool to analyse your landing page and figure out what you actually do.

Willpower: Roy Baumeister

I bookmarked this because it has some useful tips about situations that can kill our willpower. These are useful so we can see them coming and course-correct back to our goals.

How to make decisions

38 pointers from 37Signals on how to make better decisions in a business

75 email prompts using the awareness matrix

1st video in a free course by wifimoneyguy from Twitter. Build out 25 email prompts by asking the same questions at each stage of awareness. Link to the rest of his course is given at the end.

The Professor of Ubernomics

Lessons learned from Uber’s huge data sets on giving apologies, discounts, and the value of taxi driver chat.

5 ways to make your offer stand out

A replay of John William’s workshop this week. One highlight is the “pain driven positioning” – focussing 100% on the feeling they have right now about their problem.

A process for processes

Colin Landforce credits this with stopping his cannabis business from descending into chaos as it scaled.

Jay Acunzo’s Book Outline

Jay Acunzo’s Book Outline looks surprisingly like a sales letter outline, which makes sense as books and sales letters have the same idea. To change someone’s mind.

A better way to manage testimonials

Ever written a sales letter for a new product and needed some positive customer comments for it? Me too, and it involved a trawl around a half dozen note-taking apps and searching in long-abandoned Facebook groups. I’m finally getting them organised inside Senja.

How to get acquired

A course on how to get acquired, by the owner of Acquire.com. Great content in its own right but also showing how courses are increasingly being used as “lead magnets” for software.