Why People Buy

(And why they're not buying from you.)

Are you missing sales because you're using the wrong words?

You have a great product.
You give great service.
You have years of experience.

And yet people you could really help, just walk on by.

What's missing?

How well do you understand what's going on in your customer's head?

Does your marketing calm the anxieties that your customers really feel before they buy? Do you even know what those anxieties are? And could it be that your approach is actually making those anxieties worse?

Has your attempt to "optimise" your website missed something really important?

This site unpacks the sequence that has motivated us since we were apes.

Humans are irrational, but they are predictable.

Th problem is that while we are conscious of making logical, rational decisions all day long, under the surface is another part of us that has ensured our survival since before we walked upright. It's fantastically powerful, and so efficient that most of the time we're not even aware it exists.

But we need to master it to communicate with our customers.

If you know what makes people stop to consider your product, and how to answer the questions they have, in the right order, you can make predictable sales every day.

The "secret" isn't flashy gimmicks, complicated tools or underhand salesy tactics.

It's rooted in understanding what motivates people to act, and also the fears that stop them from acting.

I'll help you understand, and predict, the outcomes of every marketing tactic on the ingrained system of thinking that every prospect has.

So how do I know if this will work?

Well, you don't. Yet.

But as I discovered the harm that is being done by "modern" marketers, I began to overhaul this site in line with some principles I discovered.

That's why there's nothing to buy on this page.

But there is some help. Some things you can use today to start to make a difference. Like the little guide at the end of this page. (Don't jump ahead just yet!)

At the start of 2018 I started to look at all the books and courses I'd bought, right the way back to the books I read on my degree course in 1989 up to the video courses I've bought in the last few months. I realised that the things that had had the biggest impact weren't the biggest and most expensive items.

They were the ones that helped me to act, right there and then.

You don't need some monstrous funnel to bring clients into. You don't need to tear up your entire marketing system to make a difference. I've done a lot of tests on adverts, websites, emails and content over the years, and the things that made the biggest difference didn't need a ton of technology to get them to work.

They just needed a little bravery.

They needed someone to look at what we were doing and say "Just because everyone does it this way, doesn't mean it's right."

So how do I start?

Like i said, I'm not selling anything, yet.

I'd rather you had a while to get used to see the effect that a different sort of approach can have.

The first step is a short guide I wrote called "The Right Hook".

It's got nothing to do with throwing punches, but everything to do with getting the attention of your prospect, and holding it.

In just a few pages it'll show you how just two paragraphs on your website can start you off in the right direction towards a more successful business with not just more customers, but better customers.

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