Early on in my entrepreneurial career, a mentor told me a line about exits that I’ve never forgotten.

“First you learn.  Then you earn. Then you return.”

This has been exactly true of my own businesses.

The first one was a huge learning experience. The second was more profitable, now with The Conversion Co. I’m teaching other startup agencies some of the lessons I learned about finding a niche for a service business in a global market.

This blog is where I can share some of the “behind the scenes” struggles that exist well beyond the marketing industry.

Things I’ve learned about mindset, productivity, relationships, and the untouchable magic that separates an OK day from a great one.

I’d like to share some of the tools I use on a daily basis, and the first of these is my Peak Performance System. It’s a collection of templates for planning, managing and reviewing each day, enhanced with some audio tracks to help maintain focus and positivity in the most chaotic periods of my life.

I hope you find it as useful as I have.