About Me

I spent half a career running direct response campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest businesses, as well as some exciting startups.

From an early email marketing SaaS to one of Europe’s largest affiliate websites, I’ve sent hundreds of millions of emails and been in the letterboxes and email inboxes of just about every UK household.

With the skills I’d learned, I started an ecommerce agency of my own and grew it past the million pound mark in revenues.

I built multiple 7 figure lists, ran campaigns for everything from freebies to finance. I built ecommerce sites, content sites, affiliate sites, SaaS products. I drove traffic from SEO, PPC, affiliates, social media, webinars and live events. I had 15 people hammering the web for all it was worth.

Eventually I sold the business and took some time out to look after my daughter, but when she started school, I realised I wanted something where I was 100% in control of my time and the hours I could spend with my family.

I started again by focusing on a tiny number of tasks that don’t need huge teams:

  • Posting on a couple of social channels
  • Building an email audience I can talk to in more depth
  • Creating happy customers with simple but powerful offers
  • Optimising my business for freedom. ⅒ x the work beats 10x the revenue.

I built up a small portfolio of low-overhead projects, and a consulting business for knowledge-based businesses who are trying to reach a worldwide, 24/7 audience, with digital products.

I still consult for agencies on lead generation and running profitable operations, and I have “skin in the game” with two of those businesses as an investor.

If this path sounds like one you’d like to make as well, you can find me on Twitter & LinkedIn