My Marketing Notes

Life lessons from building digital businesses.

Daily Writing Prompt

Never start with a blank page

Personal Brand Archetypes Quiz

I’ve watched too many entrepreneurial projects get held up by branding worries. The deeper problem is that the founder wants the project to be e reflection of their own tastes, but usually can’t describe what that is. The answer is this personality type test, based on Carl Jung’s archetypes, and then translated into the visual...


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Training @ The Conversion Co.

Not exactly a side-hustle, this is my CRO consulting and funnel agency business, but now I’m also taking some of the subjects I teach clients, and turning them into online courses for smaller businesses and more junior CRO devotees.

Here It Is

A Linktree-style single page site builder for social media profiles. Also has an interesting link shortener, a bit like bitly, but ones you can edit later if you move your pages around. Take a look, it’s free at the moment.


A Twitter tool for removing dormant followers. I built this to test a theory about engagement algorithms that email marketers all recognise. By keeping your list to it’s most engaged followers, your content appears more appealing and gets shown to more people. Spoiler: It didn’t have the effect I wanted, and eventually the project dies...


A tool for creating in-depth customer profiles as part of a lead generation funnel. People hate answering sales questions, but love finding out about themselves. If you can create a profile that gives them genuine feedback against their blockages you get well qualified leads with a tone of information about where they need help

SaaS Hustlers

I wasted so much time on affiliate marketing before I realised how much there was to be made from recurring revenues in SaaS. I’ve also seen some really badly run programs from founders who just want someone else to do the marketing for them. SaaS Hustlers is here to educate both sides of the market...


An affiliate-monetised content site I set up to practice the art of advertorial writing. A mix of original content and product offers, with some email lead-generation mixed in. Likely a flip to a media owner or dedicate affiliate in a few years.

Big 5 Personality Test

Based on the OCEAN or Big 5 Personality Traits test, this is a proof of concept for the Inquizitive profile funnel builder. Tell people something about themselves so they can understand their strengths & weaknesses, and they’re more likely to take action than if they’re just told what to do with no context.

Total Memory Improvement

I picked this up from Ryan Leveque who renamed his memory project then let the domain expire. I’ve used it as an affiliate for some memory and rapid learning products and built an interesting little names memory test that’s slowly built a few thousand names.

Domains for sale

Various domains bought as speculation, projects that didn’t start, or ones that didn’t take off.