Zapier on Automating Lead Generation

By  •  Updated: 07/01/15 •  1 min read

This is a great post form Zapier on automating your lead generation processes:

Zapier is a great service which we use throughout our own campaigns to link up forms, CRM tools, email marketing systems, payment solutions and more.

What used to cost thousands in development time can now be accomplished in a few clicks.

We pretty much reject any hosted software that doesn’t have the option to connect to ther systems via Zapier as we know the total cost of the project will balloon without it.

The 5 recommendations are:

  1. Link up forms to gather leads
  2. Nurture new signups with a welcome email series
  3. Collect leads via surveys
  4. Automate personal emails
  5. Track buyers as leads

All sound advice, but as ever the devil’s in the detail so if you think this approach would benefit your business, you might want take advantage of one of our free consultation calls.

Stephen Pratley

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