Using article marketing to promote your site

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Article Marketing is becoming hot activity for promoting your site. Led as always by the affiliate community, this tactic can help you to:

The process works as follows:

  1. You write an article about a topic related to your site
  2. You sign up to article sites that get good traffic and are well ranked by Google
  3. You submit your article and include a short paragraph about yourself at the endwith a link back to your site
  4. Other people are allowed top copy the article in full onto their own sites, as long as they keep the links intact.

This is a great way to get content about your site published all over the web with links to your site included. Many of the article distribution sites themselves are highly ranked by Google due to their constant stream of original, fresh content.

After trying a few sites out, I’ve found that you needn’t be a genius to write these articles either. The articles that do best are really quite simple rather than cutting edge.“Building a sledge for your child” will do a lot better than “Build your first car at home”. Make sure your article is clear, written in simple English, run it through a spellchecker and get a friend to read it back to you and you should be OK.

If you are going to write for many article sites, do vary the content a little for each one or Google will devalue the content it finds to be less than original.

The following is a good list of sites if you want to take a DIY approach, but if you’d like someone to take on this or any other aspect of your site search, do get in touch to find out how article marketing can help your search rankings.

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