Useful WordPress plugins for discount code and competition sites

By  •  Updated: 11/12/07 •  1 min read

An ongoing problem for owners of discount code websites and competition sites, is merchants who don’t set end dates properly, then decide to end them at short notice.

Two plugins I found over the weekend at wonder-ful could help out with these.

The first is Posts Expire. Does what it says on the tin. You set an expiry date for your post and it is removed from the site. It also gives you a neat little page to show posts that are about to expire. This can particularly help conversion rates on competition sites.

OK, so what if your merchant hasn’t given you an expiry date for your voucher code?

The other plugin is Report Posts. It allows your site visitor to tell you  if there is a problem with an offer. Not great, but better to have only one disappointed visitor than lots of them.

So, a big thanks for Mike O’Connell for both of these.

Stephen Pratley

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