Unblocking your funnel

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First up this week I thought you’d appreciate this:

Credit to @cjaythecreator on Twitter for spotting it. I think we’ve all felt tike this at some point.

On to something more practical…

Last week I showed you my 4 phase funnel model, and on the face of it you’d think that what’s stopping you from executing it are:

All of these are valid excuses, but they’re just that. Excuses.

The tactical reasons are never the reason why people don’t make progress.

Everything you need to know is out there, available as courses, YouTube videos or just by watching successful businesses that are a year or two ahead of you.

The real blockage in your funnel isn’t time or money to execute. It’s your own inner critic.

There’s 2 places where your critic shows up with the most ferocity:

The blockages are perfectly natural.  Like all of our thinking problems it comes from our pre-programming to be cautious. It dates from back when being “out there” would get us spotted by a hungry dinosaur.

The dinosaurs of today are nothing more than online trolls though. There’s no physical danger and any mental danger is coming from ourselves.

So, how do you get past these issues?

The first step is recognising when over-critical thoughts show up.

If you ever catch yourself thinking “I should [work harder / be more perfect / study this more]” or any thought that’s “I should do more X”, you’ve recognized the first step.

These thoughts sound reasonable, but they’re getting in the way of you actually shipping something today.

Then the destructive noise creeps in saying “I’ll never be able to [work as hard as him / be as clever as them / know as much about this as them]”

This is where you grind to a halt, and in serious cases depression creeps in as you watch your  dreams disappear over the horizon.

The trick isn’t catching the second voice, which we know is the defeated one, but catching the first, reasonable-sounding voice that sets off the whole chain.

There’s plenty more tips and tricks  to beating your inner critic, but I hope this helps you at least recognise when it’s talking.

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