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“What was the first money you made online?”

I posted a relatively innocent question in a Facebook group yesterday, mainly trying to find out how long a few people had been in the game of online sales.

I didn’t even give the story of my first sale away, but one-by-one a bunch of old and new online entrepreneurs told the tale of the day they made their first dollar online.

Most posts in the group get a half dozen or so likes and comments (except when the group owner posts and it goes nuts).

Mine? 36 likes or reactions, and 25 comments.

Not a landslide to be sure, but 6x the norm? I’ll take that.

So. What little gem can we uncover here?


People LOVE stories.

But while you’re telling your story they’re not really listening.

They’re just waiting to tell a better story.

One that has them as the star.

If you can get your audience to open up with their stories you’ll have two huge market advantages:

1) Market insight and data: Once you know where they are at on their journey and where they have come from you’ll be in an ideal place to serve them on their next step.

2) A connection: telling stories creates emotional bonds that have been with us for millenia. Whole tribes, religions and nations are glued together with stories they share and believe in.
Share the right stories and you’ll develop unshakeable positioning in your market.

Market insight

That’s half of the MAPPED method done right there.

So, tell me.

What was the first sale you ever made online?
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