The Foundation Funnel – Course testers needed

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Good morning my caffeinated friends,

I’m close to putting up a new online course about building a simple, but scalable first funnel using WordPress, ActiveCampaign and a few basic tools.

I’m looking for 5 testers to go through it and make sure it’s a proper 5 star job before I push it on an unsuspecting world.

What you need to get started:

A WordPress website running the latest version and NOT using any page builder themes. A completely fresh site would be best, but if you have something with some traction, no problem.

** What you’ll get:**
The course – free
I’ll also set you up with the plugins etc that you need for WordPress:
– A Thrive theme
– Thrive Leads
– Thrive Content Builder
That lot alone is worth over $200 in real money, not bullshit IM value stacking money. i.e. I paid more than that for them, and they cost me about $700/year to maintain the license that allows me to use them on other sites.

You’ll also get a Pay As You Go ActiveCampaign account with 500 credits.
You can’t buy these, I get this account type as an ActiveCampaign reseller.
When you’re done you can either buy more credits as and when you need them or I can swop you to a regular ActiveCampaign pricing plan – all depends on how fast your list grows.

What I want from you:
A promise that you’ll watch and at least attempt to implement the course and then give me either a 5 star review, or feedback on what it would take for you to give one.

What to do next.

1) Go to and sign up for the free trial.
2) Create a new user with ADMINISTRATOR priviliges for your WordPress site with as the email address (instructions here)
3) Email with the URL of your website, and the email address you signed up to the trial with, so I can link the two together.

The first three will get the beta tester pack.
I’ll edit this post when the slots are full.

Don’t be a flake.
These are expensive resources, so if I haven’t had your feedback or review within 7 days, I will deactivate them and pass them to someone else.
Help me to help you and they’re yours for keeps.

Stephen Pratley

I build email lists, that grow into one-man businesses.