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The consistency button - Stephen Pratley's Marketing Notes

The consistency button

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I got a harsh lesson in consistency early on in life when I was building affiliate sites.

You might have seen the eye-sore that was my PS3 prizedraw website, the first big affiliate list I built for myself.

It netted me thousands of email names and around £3 per name in their first month on the list.

Then I started sending X-Box promotions to the list and completely screwed it.

People are that tight in what they want to hear from you.

Not gaming. Just PS3 gaming.

Drift outside those lines and the majority will “change channels” to someone else.

You might not notice it straight away because some of your friends and fans will stick with you, just for who you are, but the broad base will be gone in no time.

You have a challenge.

Consistency, without being boring.

Consistency isn’t just turning up daily, it’s turning up with the same theme.

Imagine if Breaking Bad had morphed into a romantic comedy. Not great.

I think Elon might have given us a secret weapon, and it looks like this

Pick one of your best tweets and click the button. You’ll see what I mean.

Here’s an example:

Click the “See similar posts” link and it takes you to a bottomless list of other market research techniques.

Now, you can’t just rip these as your own. This is the internet. People notice stuff like that.

But you can take the tips, try them out and give your own feedback, and you can take the popular ones, look at how they’re phrased, and use it to learn how they hook people in to read the rest of the tweet.

Stephen Pratley

I build email lists, that grow into one-man businesses.

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