Raising the bar on Facebook video

By  •  Updated: 12/13/16 •  1 min read

Facebook video has a couple of peculiarities which you can exploit for better engagement:

  1. It is shown on mobile which means that people are often be viewing horizontal video on an upright screen – ginving you some “real estate” left over to exploit.
  2. By default it starts with sound off, so subtitles and visual attention grabbing are skills you need to master.

We’ve already seen a few “letterboxed” videos with the title of the video above, and subtitles or text below doing very well.

So, take a look at this video and marvel at their use of the square  + subtitles format.

Great branding, great use of cuts & edits, breat use for the full screen, contrast an all sorts of other visual cues.

Their reward?

22 MILLION views at the time of writing.

This link will show you what it looks like on Facebook itself so you can see it in its proper environment.

Seen any other great examples? Let me know in the comments.

Stephen Pratley

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