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I’ve been running a few tests on some client emails this week, and I saw a bunch of tests that a previous copywriter had done with them.

They were all well and good at a basic level. They had records of different tests, and the impact they’d made on email opens.

But the problem was, they were testing the right thing, and tracking the wrong thing.

It’s a general rule in life that screw ups happen because of an action you took a few steps before.

You don’t lose the sale in a pitch meeting, you lost it when you didn’t ask the write questions beforehand.

You didn’t miss that penalty by the way you struck the ball, you lost it because of how your foot was swinging a half second before.

The same with emails.

You don’t really want opens. Opens don’t make you money.

You want clicks.

If you could get 10 people reading your email and 10 clicks, you’d prefer that over 20 people reading and 5 clicks.

(I hope I’m right!)

So, when you test your emails, sure, try out different subject lines, but pay more attention to what happens next.

Watch what happens to your clicks, whether those people click from your sales page to your checkout, and whether they buy.

When you influence an action, you also influence everything that happens after that action as well.

Are you testing much, beyond open rates?

Stephen Pratley

I build email lists, that grow into one-man businesses.