This is the monstrosity that has just been unveiled as the London 2012 logo, a fragmented bit of chaos with no discernible meaning to it.

The BBC announcement of the new design has already been flooded with over 300 comments, none of them positive, and the downing street petition site has been hammered all morning with people registering their protest.

Prime Minister Tony Blair said: “We want London 2012 not just to be about elite sporting success.”

Sure, our rifle shooters usually do pretty well, but they’ll have to steer pretty clear of this to avoid retina damage

The London 2012 website has been engaging in a rather pathetic attempt to ’spin’ the announcement in typical Blair fashion including a video about the ’story of the brand’. The video contains a warning about the epilepsy-inducing flashing images in the video, so that’s one group excluded from finding out how their taxes were wasted by this folly.

The site features four colour variants of the logo for anyone who can’t bear the headaches induced by this piece of tripe.


Please, please, please Seb Coe, I know you had your heyday at a time when lime green socks were considered the height of sophistication, but don’t inflict this on us.

The games has cost us a fortune already, you’re about to kill off just about any chance of merchandising the event to anyone but colour-blind Tour de France fans.

For the sake of nostalgia, here is the old one. Really, what was wrong with it?