It’s not me, it’s EU.

By  •  Updated: 05/24/18 •  2 min read
I’m not even going to mention the “G” word today. It’s my least favourite 4-letter word at the moment.
This isn’t one of those Euro-begging letters that have flooded your inbox this week, clawing for your attention like some horny drunk at 3am in a nightclub.
Because, here’s a surprise. It’s all been unnecessary, if you were playing nicely to start with. And if you weren’t, it doesn’t make it alright to start today.
We already told you you’d get emails when you signed up.
We already had a privacy policy, (and we finally sorted out the cookies stuff too).
We stop emailing people who we’ve had no contact with.
And every email has had a link for you to break up the relationship without tears, recriminations or friends taking sides.
You can keep the CD’s too. I don’t own a CD player any more.
You might mot recognise me though. It’s not the haircut, or the new shirt, and you hadn’t had that much to drink last time we met either.
No, it’s because at the start of this month, my company changed it’s name from Visibly Better Marketing, to The Conversion Co.
To many people thought we were about making things pretty, when actually we’re all about making them profitable. It seems to have gone down OK so far.
We also sprouted a new site – The Conversion Academy. This is where we are building training courses based on the same high-converting campaigns we’ve been building for clients all along.
If you’d like to get an idea of the things we do, there’s a handy checklist you can download from here.
And if you don’t, well you know where the door is. Where it’s always been.

Stephen Pratley

I build email lists, that grow into one-man businesses.