I’m going to take away your favourite toys.

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If your’re a parent, or you’ve ever had a parent (I guess that’s most bases covered?) you’ll recognise this threat.

Well I’m making it now.

Frankly you’ve got obsessed with marketing tech over the last couple of years and it’s time to get your face out of that screen and learn to pick up a pencil again.

(My god, I’m starting to sound like my mother!)

I feel a bit bad about it though.

After all, its hardly your fault.

With all the hype and tripe that’s spouted about funnels and marketing automation, “perfect” webinar sequences and re targeting campaigns that go 15 levels deep, you’d think that a modern business running a simple sales letter and a checkout button was like trying to run Tesco on Fisher-Price tills.

But most of us aren’t Tesco.

There’s a reason that there’s more talk about the tech, than the fundamentals of marketing, and why no-one really wants your product.

As funnels maestro Todd brown admitted in a recent interview:

“It’s easier to teach and its easier to sell.”

The result is calamitous though.

It’s like “marketers have developed a blind spot around the actual product.

As if the only reason no-one is opening your emails is because you’ve chosen the wrong supplier, not because your messages are as dull as your product.

As if the only reason your website isn’t converting is because you’ve picked the loser out of a dozen cart options. |Not because you’re selling a product that looks like it was designed by a blind man and put together by a small devil child with goat’s hooves for hands.

Nope, there’s another reason, and in all honesty it’s not that hard to fix.

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