How to get your customers to empty their pockets without blinking

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See that receipt?
That’s a £3.39 coffee.

Trapped at a motorway service station with no option other than the bitter, scalding cups of tar served in McDonalds, these guys had jacked up the price by a whole £1 over what they usually charge.

My reaction?

A tut, a shake of the head, and hand over the cash.

You see, st that moment I wasn’t thinking about the transaction.

I was way beyond that.

By then I was totally focused on the outcome.

The coffee and caffeine kick to get me past the next couple of hours of holiday traffic.

How do they do that?

By ticking off at least 4 of the 6 pillars in The MAPPED Method:

Market – the know there are people out there who will pay for a caffeine hit, and found the most lucrative part of that market on the motorway.

Audience – They got in front of that market by taking up prime positions in the service station.

Positioning – They created a product and experience that made me choose them over the competition.

Process – all the above gets me buying, then their loyalty card and emails make sure I remember them next time.

No doubt they also tick Ecosystem and Data behind the scenes.

To see how your business shapes up on the 6 pillars, and to discover more about mastering them…

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