How to Eliminate Self-Sabotage to Achieve Your Goals

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You’re probably excited to get started writing and achieving your 90-days goals. Time to do a self check. Are you a go getter or does self-sabotage sometimes play a role in your life? It important that if you ever self-sabotage, you need to understand exactly what it is and get rid of that negative in your life.

One of the ways that people self-sabotage themselves in this modern day and age, is the use of drugs and alcohol. The laws on drugs are becoming very lax, with some countries like Canada changing the laws on marijuana. Having the awesome idea of planning and completing 90-day goals, will likely, go the way of most extinct animals if marijuana usage is part of the plan. This drug will have people doing nothing at all but watching television and consuming mass quantities of food. We can obviously state that hard drugs or the overuse of prescribed medication will also sabotage your plans for a successful planning session. This also includes overuse of any type of alcohol.

Blaming others for the issues in your life and being unable to move forward with goals and success, is another form of self-sabotage. It is far too easy to point the finger at your spouse and claim that you cannot move forward due to issues in the household. You have to hold your head up and be responsible for your own success. There is always a way around roadblocks, even in relationships that are not 100% supportive.

When you take money that was set aside for items like your mortgage or car payment and use it to entertain yourself, it can be a double sabotage. Being single, means that you have made it difficult to keep the dwelling you are in and if you are in a relationship, the arguments of where the money went, will pile on your shoulders. Self-sabotage of this kind is avoidable.

You need to discipline yourself to be accountable.

Self-hatred and negative self-talk go pretty much hand in hand. When you speak ill of yourself, whether it is self depreciating comments to friends or family, it has an effect on your nervous system. Omit comments like, ìI am stupid or why canít I ever do anything right?î from your vocabulary. It doesn’t matter if you are saying it aloud or in your head, the effect on your brain and nervous system is the same. All the cells of your body have thousand of receptors and negative talk can have an effect on the peptides. Peptides move throughout the body and attach to receptors in the body. When cells divide, negative peptides can then increase. The good thing is, cells get replaced. You have the opportunity if you have always been a negative self-talker, to change the chemistry of your body by engaging in positive self-talk. Imagine your cells now, as positive energy particles flowing throughout your body. This is the pathway to achievement.

When stacking the negatives upon yourself, it is very difficult to take massive action and plan how to achieve your goals. Even your genes are affected by the way you think and talk. You can gain control over your body starting today. Your positive mindset will move through your body via your cells and genes and create a new you.

Finally let’s talk about comfort zone. This is slightly different than negative self talk which is harsh and abrupt. Self sabotaging yourself and your goals, can happen by babying yourself. When you engage in telling yourself, that you are tired and need to have a nap in the lazy-boy, it is comfort talk. Before you even hit that chair, you may tell yourself that it was a hard day and you deserve some ice cream before reclining back and wishing the world would stop nagging on you. Immediately when those self-sabotaging thoughts enter your mind, it is far better to say to yourself, that eating an apple while briskly walking around the block will perk you right up. Change your dialogue and you will change yourself.

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