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If you’re going to escape the time constraints of 1:1 services, one thing you’re going to have to accept, and actually encourage, is that your customers need to do some of the work themselves.

They do the work, you provide the teaching and tools.

A quick example. Another agency I’m working with wants help with their social media and marketing.

There’s no way I’m going to tie myself up writing blog posts and social posts for a business that can’t give me a massive upside on that effort. No services business can do that.

But I can help them find someone much more junior, and train them up to do the job to 80% of how well I can do it.

I already talked about courses and training as a way of creating a scalable, repeatable business, but there’s another part of the equation.

For a modern marketer to be efficient, they’re going to need to use some tools.

Prime example is this email. I’m not copying & pasting it into my Gmail to send to everyone on my list. I use Mailerlite for this email, and a bunch of other tools across different sites I run.

If I set up a client on one of these tools, I use an affiliate link and I get a small kickback for bringing in that customer.

I’m going to get a bunch of questions from my client anyway, so this just covers the cost of me giving them some better support.

This is the list of commissions I’ve hd off another tool – ActiveCampaign – just this year.

ActiveCampaign Commissions

It’s not huge on it’s own, but it’s not the only stream I have.

There’s also various website hosting plans, premium WordPress plugins, other  people’s courses and a whole batch of other marketing tools that my clients use.

But what if I’m not selling technology?

Good question, but think, are there any apps that your customers use to practice the skills you teach them, or could you turn one of your own spreadsheets or templates into a simple online tool and charge a subscription?

There’s a mass of these opportunities in every business, and in the extreme case there are businesses that only exist to help people to make better buying decisions.

Could that be you?

Stephen Pratley

I build email lists, that grow into one-man businesses.