How To Add More Hours To Your Day

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You are stuck. Yes, you are…because you have 24 hours in a day, no more, no less. Talking about adding more hours to your day, means freeing up wasted time and adding that gained time into your workday. It’s not easy, however you are covered by reading the top ten tips right here.

1. Spending time at home mowing the lawn, cleaning and cooking takes time away from your really productive hours. You can farm out the lawn to the kids…either yours or someone else’s. You don’t have to hire an expensive maid, there are plenty of people on jobs sites that would be more than willing to come in and do basic cleaning. How about that cooking? Pre-plan your meals on Sunday. Instead of chopping veggies for cooking, each and everyday…batch it up and cut 5-6 onions, etc and make 5 meals in one day. Two go in the fridge and the other three hit the freezer until needed.

2. Television is one of your biggest time wasters. Eliminate the garbage and pick ones that stimulate your brain. It goes without saying, that you should record whatever you want to watch and zip through all those commercials. An hour long show now gets cut to 40 minutes or so.

3. Want to be totally serious about being productive and having more time? Sell that gaming system or leave it to the kids. That is one of the biggest time sucks in history and adults should stick to playing the occasional game that invokes conversation and learning, not screaming at the computer screen.

4. Now that we have talked about taking back big chunks of time and using it to be productive, lets look at those chunks of 5 to 30 minutes. Seriously though, some people may have more than a 30 minute commute. Zig Ziglar had it right when he proclaimed something along the lines, that you should use your car as a university on wheels. Commute time is perfect for listening to time management and success audios. On the subway, read those reports or long emails you printed out to read later. Waiting at the doctors office? Use that time to visualize success.

5. Reading is very relaxing and it is a good way to have a de-stress moment. While waiting for your spouse at the store, flip open a good book on business. This is an opportunity to breath deep, relax and let some good knowledge flow into your brain. Learning in chunks like this is healthy and will move your forward in your business.

6. Having kids can take a big chunk of your day. Get that time back by thinking ahead. While you are cooking or doing light housework, have your child do any school reading while you are there. Getting them to do their homework in the kitchen while you prepping, means you can grab 1 minute and correct something. This is better than having to sit down for 30-minutes while they get ready, do a bit and then you need to coach them along. Being in the kitchen, you can offer them a celery stick to munch on while they do math.

7. Again, with children, you can get stuff out of the way, leaving you time for important things when you are alone. Depending on the age of your kids, you might be able to watch them play outside, while you make return phone calls or delete useless emails. Just don’t let your attention wander from them too long. Delete a mail, check them and so on.

8. Do you read a lot for work purposes? You can either take a speed reading course or use what they call visual pacing. In visual pacing, you use your index finger or the point arrow from your mouse to trace along under a sentence. This keeps your eyes focused on the sentence instead wandering. It’s been stated that you can speed your reading up by 25 to 50% by using this focus technique. This will free up valuable time to be used for other tasks.

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