Achieving clarity in all areas of your life is important. Some people assume that just sitting and starting on a list of goals will give them clarity on what they want. It ís not that simple. You have to first realize that you alone, are responsible for clarity in your life and your significant other, friends or co-workers cannot give it to you. It ís an internal thing. There are a number of ways to change not only your clarity but your overall mental and physical health.

1. Take a good long look around you. Are the people you hang out with, clear minded go-getter’s or have you surrounded yourself with what is termed, “space cadets”-people who are floating through a muddled life with no sense of direction? If you have space cadets in your life, then let them go and find people who are grounded in reality. Sadly, you may have a significant other who may be in the same ballpark as your friends. When you come to that realization, then it is time to also do some work on your relationship because both of need to be committed to achieving certain things in your lives. While you attempt to strive, you cannot let your significant other pull you down and apart.

2. When you are a single person, it is not so hard to look at your life and decide what to eliminate. Having a significant other will be more of a challenge. Don’t turn the other way, you must move forward. The television shows you watch for example, could be hindering your clarity. Reality shows are very rarely based in reality. If you must watch television, pick the history channel and others that stimulate your mind, getting you thinking. The same thing goes for the music you listen to and the books you read. An occasional thriller is fine but a steady diet of thrillers, paranormal romance, or biographies of movies stars, will only hurt you in the end run. Pick some non-fiction books that will help you achieve clarity, goals and self-development over all.

3. When you watch some educational television, make sure that your snacks are healthy. Drink water, eat fruit or nuts. Your overall diet throughout the diet has a big bearing on whether or not you can achieve clarity. When you are buzzed on caffeine from soda or way too much coffee, not only will your heart race but your thinking will be all over the place.

Visualization and clarity go hand in hand. When you take time to visualize the life you desire, everything will come into focus. When you are building muscle, the best way to do it, is to lift the weight, hold it for a moment and then gently ease it back down. The holding pattern will create a vibration in your body. You will feel the energy and slowly lowering it, makes your muscle work harder. You can take the same principle and apply it to achieving clarity. Take time each day to sit quietly and begin to visualize everything in your life as the way you want it to be right at that moment. Really feel it throughout your body. As you do this each day, you are building the muscle of clarity. Your clarity will get stronger and stronger each day and those 90-day goals will be very clear and attainable to you.

You now have a good understanding of what clarity is. It is essential that you take action on what you have just read and not let the idea of gaining clarity sit and gather dust in the hard drive of your mind. Remember that clarity is you and your choices, so if you are allowing others to choose your goals and just act like a plastic bottle bobbing around on the ocean who knows where you will end up.

Take the right actions today.