How The Most Successful People Manage Their Time

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The ancient wisdom of those who came before us, states in many different ways, that in order to be successful-you must wake up early. This is why almost 90% of the top performers and executives of companies, start their days before 6:00 a.m. Not all them start the day with a vigorous workout however. Each person finds his own best method for kicking starting another day. It can be anything from working out, writing out goals for the day, reading books to improve their minds or charging right into the office to attack the important stuff.

The millionaire’s of the world are no different. They may have money, but they got it by being smart and efficient. In fact, the big money people tend to start their day even earlier than most CEO’s of big companies.

Both groups understand how many distractions they will face during their workday, whether it is 10 hours or 16 hours. In that regard, they want to do the most important thing to them, without having to face the ringing phone or people demanding their time. Energy levels appear to be much higher for most people in the early hours and since they had the willpower to get out of bed before dawn, that willpower to use their time management skills stays with them longer than normal.

Each successful person finds unique ways to squeeze all the juice out of their waking hours. Team management seems to be a priority and one creative way to use the team, is have them attend the meetings. Meetings are endless in the corporate world, as are the emails that announce them. Successful people get the highlights of the meeting from team members and make their decisions based on that.

As for the endless emails, many of which are sent to a group of people and then c.c’d to dozens of others, some successful people use their Inbox as a checklist. After deleting the spam and the not important at all emails, the top executives, go through their emails and delete them as a task is done. If a task can be put off until another day, they can use the boomerang system to put it on delay.
Gmail created the boomerang system to make business email work for you. With Gmail boomerang, you can write your important email and then schedule to be sent to a receiving email, at a later date. If you know a person will not be in the office, for two weeks, you can write that email and deliver it on their first day back.
Boomerang gets its name from the idea of taking one of your emails that requires your attention, but just not today. You can click the boomerang icon and set it to come back to your email box on the day you intend to work on it.

While successful people plan their work week, they don’t stop there. They understand perfectly that planning their free time on the weekend, will also contribute to their overall success. Successful people understand that even though it is a Sunday, couch surfing for 5 to 6 hours will not bring them joy. They know they need to be doing something other than being in neutral.
Want to be highly successful? Then start planning your off time. Use the days off to do things that liberate your senses. Plan a walk in a public garden filled with flowers. If you don’t have a hobby…stop what you are doing and get one. Having and working on a hobby, during your Saturday or Sunday, will stimulate your mind, totally relax you and give you a real sense of peace. Compare a hobby to sitting and watching a football game, taking a break, and then catching up on a soccer game you recorded. The hobby will restore you, while the other two items will just babysit you as the snacks flow.
Studying the habits of successful people will fill your mind with endless possibilities of how you can be productive and joyful too.

Stephen Pratley

I build email lists, that grow into one-man businesses.