How I survived the attack of the marketing zombies

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Last week I witnessed the marketing equivalent of a zombie attack.

A well-meaning chiropracter appeared in a free Facebook group asking about what text he should have on the button on his email signup form.

Cue a couple of dozen undead marketing ghouls, woken from their slumber by the chance to show off their no-ledge, reciting whatever they’d seen their guru recommend last.
While all this was going on I took a peek at the guy’s Facebook profile, found his site, and discovered the real reason his list was growing so slowly.

His offer sucked.

A generic offer aimed to please everyone, but which inspired no-one.

No recognition of the real pain in his market (and as a chiropracter, his prospect’s pain is very, very, real).

When I returned to the group and suggested there might be a bigger win to be had, the zombie uprising started…

“That’s not what he asked for”
(Try that one with your doctor)

“We’ve tested that text and it beat out evey other option”
(Turns out theirs was a completely different market).

“Guru X writes about this all the time.”
(Guru X owns a split testing tool. Biased, much?)

Twiddling with button text, and colours, is the ultimate diversion activity for low-level marketers.

Tiny tweaks, tiny results.

Thinking the tech and tools will give them the answer.

It saves them from doing the hard brain-work of figuring out what their market really wants.
The top-tier marketers know that this refinement comes way down the line.

In our MAPPED Method, testing is part of Data – the last D of the method.

The first step is M for Market, figuring out what pain you solve, and who is the very best prospect you can serve.

Tomorrow I’ll be working with a new client on a course aimed at parents.
Who are they going for?

Parents of kids at Britain’s top private schools. The very pinnacle of the market for them.
Not just in their ability to pay, but they are the people who are most impacted by the subject matter of the training.

They know that because they’ve already had dozens of 1:1 interviews with potential prospects, that have yielded more insights about their real motivations than you’ll ever see in public.
Real marketers, in a real market, solving real pain.

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