Great “Under The Hood” Email Campaign by Vertical Leap

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Search agencies have something of a reputation problem.

It’s an industry that is frankly overrun with cowboys. People promising the earth, then making off with your money and leaving your site in a worse position than it was before.

I worked in the sector for a while I used to get really frustrated at how much time I’d spend getting past client’s prejudices, which had been set by the rogues, before I could have sensible conversations about their requirements and providing an ethical solution.

So, I was really impressed at this email from Vertical Leap which goes a long way to show what really goes on in a decent search agency.

It uses the real names & faces of the staff at the agency and links off to blog posts that talk about what they do day-to-day on campaigns, and what they do to keep up with a fast-moving industry.

Little facts like that they are recognised Google Partners are dropped in along the way rather than shoved in your face shouting “look at how GREAT I am!”, and proprietary tools they use are mentioned rather than pushed.

It has the air of a business who have actually sat up and listened to what their clients want (results and good agency relationships) rather than what the business wants to talk about (tech stuff and awards).

If you have a business where clients wonder “what you really do all day” this format is well worth putting in your swipe file.

I have 🙂



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