Get off the fence and start buying customers.

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Another question from one of my Foundation Funnel customers.

“My funnel is in place, thanks to your help, and I have a product that is making a bit more than breakeven on my Facebook ads. What do I do now? Start testing and optimising, or scale up the traffic?”

Now I know this guy really knows the answer, he’s just scared to start spending ad dollars on something that isn’t making the kind of returns that the Fartbook gloaters are claiming.

So, forget about them.

You’ve already done a great job getting to breakeven. That’s hard.

Without a lot of traffic it can take a while to make decisions and adjustments, but you can  make those changes without watching a ton of money go down the drain while you do. And you can make changes without or stopping and starting your campaigns like a beaten-up old car.

At every stage of your business growth you need traffic. That volume will allow you to test and make changes, pushing up the dial of profit as you find winning formulae, and adding more product to your ecosystem.

Now is the time to scale up, and if you’re worried, think of this.

You’re not buying leads any more, you’re buying customers.

Stop thinking your customers aren’t profitable. They are. It’s your campaigns that aren’t making money.

You need fewer bad leads and more good ones, and when you have customers comeing in, you’ll start to know what good leads look like.

It’s like panning for gold. You get better at shifting the dirt, and better at spotting where the gold is.

Less dirt, more gold. Both ways work.

You’ll be building up more and more buyers that you can use to find what a good customer profile looks like, AND to sell your next product to – at almost zero cost.

So get on with it.

As soon as you’re breaking even, get off the fence and start buying all the customers you can.

If you’re still struggling to get your first product to breakeven though, you need a simple route to turn your prospects into buyers.

You’ll find it here:

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