Get Camtasia 3 for free and make your own video demos

By  •  Updated: 11/27/07 •  1 min read

First off, thanks to Jason Dale for pointing this neat little tool out to me.

Camtasia records video of what’s happening on your computer screen, and allows you to record voice-overs with it. Where it beats other screen capture tools is in its ability to zoom in on areas of the screen, making tiny Youtube video sizes suitable for demo’s of much bigger screen areas.

The video demo’s of my Affilistore tutorial are made with it, so have a look at what it can do with just a few minutes of playing around.

I’ve just discovered how you can get a free copy of the old, but still excellent version 3.

1) Download the program here

2) Fill out this form for a license key by email
3) Install the software and when you are asked, put in your license key

That’s it!

Happy Vlogging.

Stephen Pratley

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