Fish ate my feet

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Last night I paid 10 Euro to have fish eat away at my feet.

I think I’ve maybe had one other pedicure in my entire life, so why would I choose to shove my feet in a Greek fish-tank and have the most ticklish way possible of tidying up my toes?

Pure novelty.

No other explanation.People will buy things they had no intention of buying if you can convince them that what you have is new.Throw in the idea that it might soon be gone and you can sell 10x what you’d have done with a same-old-same-old offer.

This is an easy trick with holidaymakers.

Holiday resorts have built-in urgency.

The offer is staying, but the customer knows they’ll be the one leaving soon.

Making something old seem new or bringing a new “delivery mechanism”,  into the market is a superpower of 7 figure offers.

Swopping out like  a lady with a set of nail clippers, for a fish, is definitely a unique mechanism.

So how do you grab their attention?

My free guide to creating Attention Hooks will tell you.If you don’t have it already, you can get it here

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