Duvet money

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I missed prize-giving.

The whole point of starting out with my own business years ago was that I never wanted to have to miss those occasions with my daughter.

But I missed it this year. 

My only consolation is that I was ordered to stay away because I had covid, and not because some boss was ticking holiday days off a calendar.

I’ve done pretty well this year. Not missed any big days, had a long family holiday, and done ok on the money front.

Now the long school holidays are stretching out in front of me.

In previous years I’d spend most of it worrying about missing my kid, about childcare, or about getting cash in while clients are all off on holiday.

So I took action to make sure that as little revenue as possible is dependent on me actually being in a fixed place at a fixed time

Last week I was talking to a friend about what I call my “duvet money”. It’s a mix of projects that bring in money without me getting out of bed.

(I got sick about 2 days after I saw him and it’s kind of proven my point.)

My duvet money is a mix of:

From the outside it looks a bit messy and a lot of different activities, but there’s projects in there I can call on for quick cash, there’s projects for the longer term, projects that are steady bankers and projects that are higher risk but also bigger reward.

I started out by creating small content sites, learning SEO to get traffic and making affiliate commissions.  I also built up email lists and did ran affiliate offers to them.

After a while I started building sites & funnels for other people, which is where the hosting contracts came in.

Then I’d teach people the principles I’d learned, and turned these into course sales.

Finally the SaaS is from some tools I had built for myself that I realised other people could use.

I built a little list of them on my site so you can see just how simple they all are:

Unless you’ve already developed coding and writing skills in your day job it’ll take a while before you can pull in as many revenue streams as this, but you can easily start today by

writing a few blog posts

sharing them on socials

starting to build an email list

That way when you get hit by covid, or a recession, you’ve got your own “duvet money” to rely on.

Stephen Pratley

I build email lists, that grow into one-man businesses.