Well that went well didn’t it!
3 years since the last post on this blog and I decided to have another crack. In that time I managed to sell Shine Marketing to K3 Business Technology Group, and start up a new business – Visibly Better Marketing Limited as a vehicle to develop a number of marketing tools and services, taking on a few of my favourite clients from Shine’s heyday.
As ever, the divide between the personal blog and the company blog in a small business is in eternal conflict. Is this me or the company talking? So under my this eponymous site I decided to plot a more personal course, no tips on ecommerce or marketing, except where they coincide with learnings about life, business, and my new adventure – parenthood.
Since April this year I’ve taken on a bigger role as Daddy Daycare. After selling my wife back into the white slave trade someone needed to stay home to look after my daughter, but with a few hours a week while she’s in nursery, the quest for a profitable way to fill my days continues.
The criteria are:

  • Needs to earn more than a “do it in my sleep” local job could earn, otherwise what’s the point of taking on the risk of being self employed?
  • Needs to be able to be done in under 15 hours a week (sorry Tim Ferris but 4 hours isn’t enough to remember form one week to the next what you actually do for a living!)
  • Needs a minimum of client contact, or contact that takes place on my terms (a result of the above time restrictions – the 15 hours are on definite days a week).
  • Needs scope to expand into a “proper” job, or at least expend in revenues, as the daughter spends more hours in education.
  • The last criteria, although not 100% essential is that it needs to be geography independent – i.e. I can take the job with me should I decide to travel elsewhere for a period. This could either be for pleasure, or following my high-flying wife to foreign parts should the need arise.

The research continues and hopefully the next post will have a few ideas to discuss with people who have tried them already.