Okay, so, Chris Batcheller has asked a question about checking out his landing page for a webinar he’s running about how to live stream a webinar.

So, let’s go and have a look. Okay, so…

First off, I’m gonna actually flip back to the Facebook page.

I’m a little bit confused to start with because the typical webinar that most people have seen is either a, kind of, face to webcam-type thing, or a slideshow-type presentation with the voiceovers.

Then we’re talking about live streams, and there’s some fairly sophisticated camera gear there for, compared to what most people know about the webinar.

So, I think the language needs looking at a little bit ’cause I’m startin’ to think, you know, “Is this live-streaming an event, “or is this a typical webinar type-thing, “or is it just a mixture of the two?

“What’s all that about?”

So, into the landing page itself.

Now, from the very start, there’s one principle about land pages, is that they should have one call to action.

There should be a single thing you’re tryin’ to get them to do; and that should be the only option available on the page.

The page that’s been put within what looks like his normal site template, so, you’ve got links after the homepage.

Not sure if that does anything.

That arrow looks like it’s supposed to do something; it seems to be pointing at the back button, which is not a brilliant thing to signpost people to do.

There’s a login there, I’ve got no idea what that’s for, whether that’s for the webinar, or something else.

A whole bunch of other social channels.

Contact me, and then an intriguing marketing thing, which, you know. So, all of these are pulling away from the thing you really want to do, which is to get them to sign up for whatever this is.

Okay, however he’s gonna show us how to do this.

There’s, also, this Let’s talk thing down here, which is probably useful on sales pages, points where you’re gonna get people to make a financial interaction, but really not here.

Now, in terms of how we actually sign up for this thing…

Okay, we’re right down here. So, we’re gonna register for a webinar. S

o, that’s the first time we find out how we’re actually doing this. You know, it could be an eBook, it could be a course.

Again, there’s some fairly intimidating camera-type shots. The headline, You Should Host A Live Webinar…

It says you should do something and it says what to do; it doesn’t really give me any benefits why.

Now, I know a little bit about this stuff, and things like, you know, you should host a live stream to sell your high-ticket product, or you should host a live stream to…

Engage with your lapsed audience, or you know, what’s this actually gonna help me to do?

What’s the outcome of it? Rather than just, you know, the technical check box type stuff.

You know, Cameras and Lighting, and Computer Hardware, and, you know, tools and things like that.

So, scroll down a bit. It’s gonna tell you how to produce a webinar or live stream.

Now, probably only interested in one of those, and it looks like this is some event live-streaming.

Particularly, if you go further down, and have a look at this photo, which I think is a lot more edifying where you’ve got a live event camera, and that’s being shot at.

That’s a lot more unique than just shooting a webinar.

And there are lots of courses out there from fairly high-hitting internet marketing types on how to do, you know, the kind of slideshow presentation type webinar.

So, this is a lot more interesting in terms of how that works. I think there’s way too much copy on here for what is basically a squeezed page on webinar sign up. And I’ll show you an example, another one, that really contrasts with this in a moment.

So, we’ve got the Webinar Registration page. You know, a couple of optional fields. It’s good that he’s only insisted on the Email. The Question, not sure what that is. If I had questions at this stage, I’d probably just be hitting the back button.

That’s probably a bit more useful afterwards to gather details on that.

Not sure what this Airtable thing is. Knowing what I know about webinars, I’d be a bit concerned about somebody not using… Proper webinar technology like WebinarJam, or GoToWebinar, or something like that. And kinda hacking this together a little bit, yet proclaiming to be an expert.

There’s a quote here which I thought was quite good in terms of showing social-proof, and why people should do this, but it is from Chris himself.

But, you know, that’s not bad. That’s what they’re gonna say what you’re actually gonna learn through the basics of streaming live to the internet.

I think that in itself, chop off the first bit, would probably make quite a decent headline. And then, same as before, we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff which is really, kinda, quite generic. I don’t know if this exists throughout the rest of the site. The Twitter quote doesn’t add anything to…

These aren’t relevant to the webinar subject. I think this should all just be dropped.

And some kind of straplining type stuff, and then more distractions down the bottom. You really wanna repeat that call to action, or a link back up to that form right at the end. ‘Cause some people will just go, “Right, what’s this all about? “Get onto it.”

So, you’ve got no call to action at the top of the page, so the people who are, “Yeah, I wanna know about live-streaming. “I’ve been thinking about that. “This is an opportunity.” Bash, hit that button, sign up. There’s too much discovery to have to be done.

And there’s nothing down the end. So, overall, I think it needs to be clear on what it is it’s presenting.

Is this webinars, or is this live streams? It needs much more prominent call to action. It needs a load of stuff chopped out in terms of the distractions from the page.

And it needs to be much stronger on what the benefits are. So, not just, “Here’s how to do it.” But, “Here’s what you’re gonna get out of it “once you’ve run one of these live streams “to your audience.” So, those are the big ones.

Now, the landing pages themselves for sign ups, can be really, really simple.

It’s only when you get to, actually, trying to take money off somebody for a product that you need a longer sales page, which it looks like this has been modeled on.

Now, just to give you an example. This is a landing page which I know three conversations with people involved in their marketing converts a pretty decent rate straight off the back of a Facebook ad. Now, this is Amy Porterfield who’s a self-proclaimed queen of Facebook, and she has a decent following; she’s reasonably well known.

So, yeah, it’s totally cold traffic when people are coming to her. But this off the back of just a Facebook ad, which pretty much says the same things as it does on this page.

It’s like, “Yeah, I wanna know about webinars. “Yeah, here’s the webinar, here’s the button, unmissable.” Click on that, and… We get the option to sign up to one, or more, of these webinar slots. Okay, very simple. Just gonna put this in. There’s a test. Okay, and this is where she starts taking extra information off them.

So, What’s the biggest obstacle standing in the way of you building an online course?

I’ve put these on other webinars, they are fantastic for getting feedback on your customers that will help you decide how to use the copy in your courses, and in your marketing. So, these are people who haven’t seen your product, yet. I run one of these on a client site, and they get, nearly everybody that turns up, is somebody who’s actually filled this out.

So, you can get a really indicator straight from the get-go as to, you know, who your likely hot-prospects are gonna be. Let’s just click one of these things. Okay, then it tells them what to do. Now check your email inbox. I’ve sent you something special.

So, there’s a whole warmup series that goes behind these email campaigns. And I’ve run these, and they’ve pushed the attendance on the webinar from, you know, less than 20% if you’re just using the box-standard reminders that you get with something like, “Go to webinar.” To an excess of 50%, and then more on a replay.

So, I’ve got one client who’s doing about 45% in the first live version of the webinar; and then he’s getting another 15 to 20% in the replay, as well. So, just getting these people to turn up on a webinar is, you can’t just rely on that.

Okay, and then as you try and leave that page, there’s a Spread The Word on Facebook.

Okay, so, compare and contrast that one, which if we fill this out… It’s a very vague response, and you can see the difference there. So, hope that’s helpful. If you want anymore pointers you can find me at, Stephenpratley.com for more critiques.