If your business does something other than do marketing for other people, this is for you….

One of my readers asked me a question about outsourcing her Facebook ads the other day, and wanted some help on what she should look for, so I pulled together this little checklist to show what’s involved…

The ads themselves

  • Choosing images
  • Writing copy

Easy enough?

Oh, but here we go, there’s a lot more than that…

  • Targeting – choosing the right people to aim your ads at is the real secret sauce of FB ads.

You notice how no-one really talks about that? That’s because they’re keeping their cards close to their chest.

Sure you can ad pixels to your site and retarget those people, or create “lookalike” audiences, but you need somewhere to start from and that can be EXPENSIVE. Like $$$’s per click.

  • Budgeting – knowing what a click or lead is worth and making sure your campaign doesn’t run riot with your credit card like an unhappy trophy bride.

Easy enough, as long as you know what a realistic benchmark is and how much you can really afford to acquire a lead, which brings us on to

  • Analytics – number crunching to the rest of us

How much is each ad making, not just today, but over the life of the customer. Facebook’s reporting won’t tell you that, or refunds, or cancelled payments.

Good marketers understand Lifetime Value and are even prepared to make a loss on the first sale. That’s what separates the men from the minions in paid ads.

OK, so now we have a lot of traffic at a decent price, from interested people.

Now the fun starts.

  • Conversion rate optimisation

The best Facebook ad marketers agree on one thing.

They won’t trust the client’s website to convert.

They all need to go hand in hand with your ads and work as well as each other.

That means you need someone with  skills in:

  • Landing pages design
  • Copywriting
  • Building websites/funnels
  • Email follow-up.

Life just got a lot harder finding the right person.

Don’t panic though. This isn’t hard as long as you’ve done your groundwork.

Where most campaigns really go wrong is picking tactical teams who can do these things, but leaving the overall strategy down to them as well.

Strategy means the big questions of:

  • Who is our ideal customer?
  • Where can we find them?
  • Why should they buy from us?

Missing these steps is at the root of nearly all the failed campaigns we’ve seen, and yet the tactical teams get blamed for “not thinking it though”.

I designed the MAPPED method to make sure these steps don’t get missed before we  start building out the tactical campaign assets.

If you want to see whether you’re ready t be handing over your advertising to someone else, you should take a look.