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Last night I gave a talk to about 40 up and coming digital marketers in London, all about increasing conversion rates when you’re selling online.

I shared some foundation work I do with private clients before I even start mucking about with their ads, landing pages or emails.

From the stage I could see a lot of wrinkled noses. People thinking “this looks hard”.

But lots of nods.

The realisation that all the tech gadgets in the world won’t fix a weak offer or the wrong audience.

One slide had almost everyone in the room pulling out their iPhones and snapping the checklist I put up.

So, I’m pushing forward with turning this into some more complete training, but today, I’m going to share the checklist with you here.

I call it the MAPPED Method – 6 things you need to get right in your marketing before you think about scaling and optimising.

Without further ado…..

**M is for Market**
Are you in a market with Pain + Money?
No pain = no motivation. No money = you ain’t gonna last long.

**A is for Audience**
Are you talking to the **best** people in the market?
Do you know where to find the people with the most pain and money?

**The First P is for Positioning**
Is there a clear reason to buy you ahead of your competitors?
Price, quality, less risk. There are all sorts of ways to not be a me-too.

**The second P is for Process**
Are you walking cold prospects through to becoming buyers, or letting them find their own way?
How can you remove friction AND show the full value of your product along the way?

**E is for Ecosystem**
Do you have anything to sell after the first sale?
Do you have products at different price points so you can cover more of the market?
Existing customers come at way less cost than new ones. Use that.

**D is for Data**
What do you know about your customers that will help you serve them better and find more people like them?
How are you making decisions about what to improve or cull?

How well do you think you score?

These principles are all wrapped up in a scorecard, some training on how to level up in each area, and a book later in the year.

If you’re interested in any of these, and you want to get some VIP list deals as they come out, add your name to the list at…

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