ActiveCampaign announce campaign sharing

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ActiveCampaign have just announced that you can now share automations between accounts, so what does that mean for your  business ?

The idea is not a new one. Both InfusionSoft and ClickFunnels offer similar functionality but bringing it into a tool which has such a low entry point as ActiveCampaign makes a big difference to the number of businesses who can now start benefitting form this booming technology.

Firstly, what is an automation?

Marketing automations send emails, SMS messages or prompt other acts like sales calls, in response to the user’s own actions.


Each of these require the system to make decisions and send different messages, and they can take a while to set up.

Once copywriting is included as relatively simple campaign can take a few days.

How does sharing them help?

Hopefully this will allow marketing consultants like me to spend more time helping clients with their messages and campaign strategy, and less time clicking buttons and testing workflows.

It will also allow us to start sharing which automations give real results, and I think this is the way that marketing systems are set to go.

LeadPages already allows you to select designs sorted by the response rates other users are getting, and this “network effect” makes the system way more valuable to the end user

WAAAY more valuable. One of the biggest VC blogs – – talks about this regularly and it could be a huge multiplier in ActiveCampaign’s value, allow it to attract investment and keep going on the excellent pace of feature developments we’ve seen this year already.

I for one will be putting some of my standard campaigns into the system to share with my newsletter subscribers over the next few weeks.

Stephen Pratley

I build email lists, that grow into one-man businesses.