I’ve just launched a new online PR blog for immediate future, my first totally custom WordPress template.

The template is loosely based on the functionality of the standard Kubrick template and matches their soon-to-launch new website design.

Working with Katy Howell on the project has been fascinating as she really knows her stuff about getting involved in online conversations, the new blog will help them get in even deeper. It’s also been a small challenge keeping the blog clean looking and in the style of the main site, whilst including all the widgety goodness that us bloggers love to shoehorn into every corner of our sites, but I think we’ve done an OK job. Technorati, Feedburner and other promotional tools are in there and a few other gizmos to try to get the site listed in Google News in the longer term
I’m now working on a port of the Joomla Utahia template (which my own company’s site is based on) into WordPress so I can use it as the foundation for our own announcements.
A big thank you to James Little for some valuable blogging advice and a few extra widgets he dug out after their original authors sites had died, I owe you a large Mount Gay and coke next time I see you