7 Email Sequences That Will Work For Years To Come

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Why Are Sequences Important?

Email seems such a chore to so many companies.

Racking your brain every week to think of something useful or interesting to tell your prospects isn’t for everyone, but there’s a few emails you can write once and have working for you for years.

Everyone who comes onto your list, or buys a product can get these emails, and once they’re set up, you have a solid amount of content to keep them engaged, and at the top of their inbox

1. The Welcome Series

Your welcome series is the set of emails that everyone will see.

It’s the one that’s worth continually testing and refining as it sets the tone for the rest of the relationship between you and your list.

2. The Consumption series

Your consumption series has a lot in common with your welcome series, but it’s typically used after someone has bought a paid product.

Your marketing makes sales, but it’s the product that creates customers.

Sales are a one off, customers keep coming back for more.

The consumption series is what makes sure your first time customer gets the maximum value from your product, learns about all the benefits they might not have been focussed on when they bought, and leaves them with a sense that they got more than they expected from their investment.

3. The Launch / Sale Sequence

I’ve lumped launches & sales together because they both follow a similar format.

A build-up of anticipation, the opportunity to buy, and then a deadline before the offer goes away.

Even if you’re planning for your product to be available all the time, launching it like this then opening up a version with the wrinkles ironed out is a great way to progress, plus you’ll will get way more attention to begin with.

4. The Cart Abandonment Series

The moment of truth when someone has to pull out their credit card is always when you’ll have a good sized percentage back out of any offer.

If you can split the email capture and card pature steps, you have chance of getting a good 10%+ back as customers.

Definitely worth it when you’re doing volume.

5. Testimonial Requests

You should be asking for testimonials inside your product, and not waiting until they get to the end either. But you should be following up later on as well to get results-based testimonials, the most powerful proof of all.

6. Affiliate Activations

Your best marketers are your own customers. An affiliate program gives you the opportunity to reward them like professionals as well.

Bet getting customers to be come marketers isn’t easy.

You need to get them to sign up to the program, leave payment details, get trackable links from your system and finallly post them in public.

A good set of follow up emails can do this and get them active when you have new launches & promotions too.

7. Reactivation Emails

Names on your list which don’t open, read or click your emails eventally drag down your reputation in the eyes of gmail.

A lot of inactive names on your list will eventually put you in the promotions tab or even the spam folder.

Before you remove them though, there are ways to wake them up with some last ditch attempts at getting attention.

What Next?

Once your automated sequences are set up, you can turn your attention to your weekly schedule of emails.

The customers who make the most from email with the least effort have settled on a 3x per week schedule of emails using the LiVeS formula.

This is…


People want what you have, and they get that buy buying the products and services you use.

The lifestyle email is a chance to flex a little, but it doesn’t have to be Lambo’s and Learjets. Just getting home early to see the family can be the benefit they’re looking for.

When you know what your audience is really motivated by, show how you can help them get that.


These are the most teachy emails you’ll send. Give them a weekly tip on what to do to get to their goal.

(Hint, the “how” to do it, involves your product.)


Being successful is one thing. Helping others to get to where you are is another thing altogether.

Sharing a success story is the best way to ease into making an offer at the end of the week.


With 7 automated campaigns and a weekly pattern of emails that doesn’t need too much thought, you should be able to see a flow of sales from our email efforts that will keep paying back for years to come.

Stephen Pratley

I build email lists, that grow into one-man businesses.