Micro-Payments for articles – a viable proposition

I was extremely sceptical a few weeks back when told about an articles site selling articles on an individual basis.

I think that opinion has just been overturned.

Whilst browsing the istockphoto site for some images for a new client site I came across a free article, “What’s the right typeface for text?“. Duly impressed with the article’s content and design I had a poke around for some more. However I was put off by spending $24 on the whole set. Not because of the money, but because I know I’d want to read the whole lot and wouldn’t get any work done today.

A quick google search for “Design a beautiful Web header“, the article I wanted, came up with the istockphoto site again where I managed to buy the article for about $3.

Armed with the information inside and a nice image I found, I finished off this site for Win Win Projects quite nicely.

What do you think?

From Invisible To Irresistible

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