There’s something standing in the way of you developing your skill, and it’s the very customer you’re trying to help.

Let me give an example.

I’m helping a customer with a new offer, and we just need to test a few ad and landing page headlines.

This is a perfect scenario of fast-testing & feedback.

We just copy an ad and a landing page, change the headline on each, and see if it does better than the existing one.

But it’s never that simple.

The guy has a website that’s making a few sales, but…

  • He doesn’t have an ad account
  • He doesn’t have Google Analytics set up to see where the sales are coming from
  • His site doesn’t have the ability to test a new landing page
  • His web guy is a designer, not an ecommerce specialist so every time we ask for something we have to argue our case for the changes

In short, there’s a load of stuff which is nothing to do with the revenue generating activity.

This gets in the way and what should take a week to get a result can take a month.

Getting the first rep in is taking ages, and worse, if we don’t make an improvement on the first attempt, he’ll feel like he’s wasted time and effort.

This is why picking “perfect clients” is so important.

Spending time on non-revenue activities sucks too much out of our value, and it kills the energy of everyone on the team.

All that setup work doesn’t bring in an extra dollar, but it’s important because we can’t demonstrate our success without it.

This is why a “perfect offer” goes hand in hand with the “perfect customer”.

If you want your offer to be a success, you need to do one of  two things:

  1. Only pitch to clients who have all the necessities in place already.
  2. Find a way to raise the client up to be a “perfect client” without your input.

In the next email I’ll write about the two different types of offer that will help you with both of these options.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.



c/o The Conversion Co., 2a The High Street, Thames Ditton, KT7 0RY, United Kingdom
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