How to ask the right question at the right time

Have you ever signed up to an email list and had this daft question from them:

“What’s your biggest struggle with [whatever their business is about]”

I was naive enough to try this for a while, and the result was a deafening silence.

I mean, who is going to share their deepest anxieties with you when you’re a total stranger?

No, if you’re going to get information out of someone, you have to drop the anxiety levels, not raise them.

One of the best ways to do this is to show that you’re on their side.

Have you ever heard of the “One Sentence Persuasion Course” by Blair Warren?

It’s a short book, but it’s built around a single quote that I posted on my Instagram account here.

A key concept is that you can forgive their previous failures if they’ve been given bad advice.

Set yourself up as the person who is going to share the missing piece of the jigsaw, that everyone else is hiding.

At the same time you can be collecting research gold, which is always copywriting gold.

2 questions.

These will be in tomorrow’s email.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

PS I’ll be doing a Q&A session soon.

If you’ve ever tried building an email list and selling a product or service online it’s for you.

Let me know what you’ve tried in the past and why you think it didn’t work?

I’ll make sure I cover the questions from people on my email list first and that you get the replay if you can’t make it.

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