The need for speed!

A quick recap on what we covered this week

Idea 1: Asking people how many emails they want from you is a waste of time when they don’t know what’s in them yet.

Idea 2: People who are in need behave differently from people who are just “interested”

Idea 3: You don’t need to create a lot of new content for different “segments” of your list. It’s enough to deliver it at speed for those in need. (Hey, I like how that rhymes! Maybe I’m a poet and I didn’t know it.).

I’ve been playing around with some ways to demonstrate this, and rather than wait until it’s perfect I thought I’d show you what I mean by pointing you to the start of a new campaign I’m building.

The signup link is here:

I want you to pay attention to:

1) The first offer
2) How you respond to the confirmation email to get your freebie
3) What other information I give you before the freebie

I feel like a magician giving away how he does his tricks here, but we’re all here to learn.

Here’s the link again:

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