[SoloGrowth #08] The profitable alternative to weekly newsletters

  • Stephen Pratley

When you’ve run email for businesses sending over 1 million messages every month, you get a lot of data, and data answers a lot of questions.

I kept seeing one question being asked over and over, which was  “what day should we send emails on?”, so I decided to have a dig and try to answer it.

I pulled a bunch of reports about our opens, clicks and sales across different days and times, but the numbers were all over the place. Every time I thought I could see  day that was performing better it was either down to:

Then I noticed that the slight peak we had on a Friday was also the day I’d acquire the most new names, and I had an idea…

I stopped looking at the day of the week, and started looking at responses “X days after signup”. In fact I even had a look by how many hours people had been on our list.

That’s where I found a very distinct pattern.

Even though I sent multiple emails on the first day, the ones that were sent exactly 24 hours after signup had a distinct uplift in response.

So did the ones sent exactly a week after sign up.

We rejigged our welcome series to make offers (rather than just trying to get “engagement”), and lo and behold, we made about another 12%, with no extra effort.

My guess is that everyone has a time of day that they use for actually reading emails (as opposed to just clearing their inbox).

There’s also a time of week when they’re more responsive to offers – for us that was a Friday, but it varies a lot.

So, here’s the advice:

Even if you’re going to run a weekly newsletter like this one, you should have a short welcome series where you’re pitching an offer after 24 hours and 1 week.

That’s it for today. I’m off to enjoy a weekend of Heavenly snow before heading to Yosemite next week.

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P.S. I’m going to update some training on how to do these welcome campaigns.

I’m looking for a couple of people to try out the training, at a big discount, but with a commitment to write 8 emails inside a month.

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