[SoloGrowth #07] One quick change to get radically different results for your solopreneur business

  • Stephen Pratley

As this email goes out I’ll be somewhere over the Atlantic between London and L.A., before heading north for a long overdue snowboarding trip.

While I’m up there in the blue skies, I’ll be making sales, people will be reading and watching my content, and my email list will be growing.

I’m not going to pretend that this would carry on forever without any attention, but in a world where grown adults need to ask permission to take a toilet break at work, taking a few days or weeks off and still earning money is a huge step forward.

It didn’t happen overnight though. I only earned pocket money for the first few months of this business.

But here’s where it gets literally crazy, according to Einstein.

Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.

But I turned up on Twitter again and again, I pitched these emails again and again, and I sent emails again and again.

Keep doing the same thing and yes, the results can be different.

But you have to pick the right tasks.

You have to pick tasks that:

This is how leverage works.

Leverage just means using something you already have to get a bigger result. Just like using a lever will move a big weight if you position it right.

You can change how useful a lever is just by changing where the fulcrum is.

Right now your “fulcrum”, where you put the effort in, is probably too close to yourself.

You turn up to every meeting, you’re present with your client as you do the work, you’re in the room with your team, you create content on your own website.

To be more effective you need to move the fulcrum closer to the masses of customers in the market.

Let’s bring this back to a content business.

Your writing is the effort you put in, you can’t change that much.

The lever is your list size. Bigger list, bigger lever. You can change that, but it takes a bit of time.

What you can do immediately is to move the fulcrum closer to the load – the thing you’re trying to move.

The load you’re trying to move is the market’s thinking.

To change that, you need to get closer to them.

Here’s your big mistake.

Your blog isn’t close to the market.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, Quora are all close to the market (if you’re in B2B).

By writing close to where your market is it’s dramatically easier to move them.

When they’re on your email list, you can move them there as well.

But you have to start by moving them from where they are.

Stephen Pratley
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