[SoloGrowth #04] Proof before profits

  • Stephen Pratley

There’s 4 ingredients to any great offer:

  1. A big outcome
  2. Certainty that you can get that outcome
  3. Less effort to get the outcome
  4. A short delay before you get the outcome

These are all dials that you can turn and they depend on each other to an extent.

e.g. People will take a risk on a smaller outcome that they can get quickly, and with little effort.

The one part of this equation you can never give people enough of is the second item – certainty.

It’s where most offers fall down, and it’s also where copywriting has the biggest effect:

Of all the ways to give someone certainty that your offer will work, proof is the one that will work the best.

A good set of testimonials is like pouring lighter fluid on the fire of your sales efforts.

So, in the early days you should move heaven and earth to earn proof before you look for profits.

Too many people launch products before they have that proof, and it kills all the buzz, so you should get used to doing quiet launches to small groups of your email list and making sure you get a result and a testimonial before you make more noise.

The challenge is that just giving your product away doesn’t work very well.

People don’t value what they haven’t invested time & effort into, so how do you get round this?

Try taking a look at how the pharmaceuticals industry does it.

In the early days they make a product which has a BIG promise (I’ll cure your illness). But they have zero certainty it will work.

So, what do they do?

They PAY people to try it out, and they put them in the best possible situation to make sure they complete the course of treatment and get the results they want to share with others.

Now you don’t need to pay out the sums that they do, but how do you think someone would respond to “I’ll pay you $50 to take my $50 course and act on it?”

3 solid testimonials is all you need to get started.

1 could be a fluke, 2 could be a coincidence, but three is highly convincing and there’s diminishing returns from there on.

Remember, proof before profits.

You won’t regret the effort you put into this step.


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P.S. If you feel a bit icky about asking for testimonials, my friend Damon has come up with a great little tool to make it easier:


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