[SoloGrowth #03] Finding your side-hustle skillset

  • Stephen Pratley

The biggest shift in creating a successful online business is recognising the difference between a good business and a good job.

Good jobs are specialist, but good businesses serve large markets.

To have a truly successful online business, you need something that a lot of people will use, and will pay good money for.

Sometimes this shows up in ways that look like a “scam”

These happen, and they’re successful, because they’ve picked the problem that the largest possible number of people on that platform want fixed.

They’ve looked for success in volume ahead of margins.

Your day job is the opposite of a good business.

Your day job is a highly specialised skill that only you can do, and which benefits a large organisation.

The large organisation bit means showing up at calls and meetings, at a time that synchs with everyone else.

Hence the 9-5 requirement.

You need to treat a side-hustle like a career change.

Imagine your industry got wiped out, like stagecoaches or fax machines.

What could you offer, and who could you serve? What connections would still be useful?

Look for accounts on Twitter that are a little older and have made that switch.

e.g. @justinsaas has used his skills in sales outreach to make connections and get on podcasts, he’s used his skills on building scalable sales processes to “productize” his writing

@robbiecrab was a lawyer and took his skills in persuasive speaking to people who have to speak in public – a much wider audience than people who need trial lawyers.

You might need to talk to some people who know to get more awareness about the soft skills you have.

(Often you’ll take for granted the things that you’re a “natural” at.)

To help you uncover these deeper skills and the kind of work you really enjoy, I can recommend a book that I read while I was trying to figure out how to escape from a string of terrible bosses.

It’s called “What color is your parachute

Solopreneurship is a big upheaval so you need to make sure you’re doing something you love, and not just building another job you hate, just for the money.

Don’t build yourself a beach house then complain that the skiing’s no good!

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