Well, probably not, after all it’s only been a day since you set up your first list building campaign.

If you’re struggling you can ask questions in the Facebook group.

Or is that the real reason?

Right now you have the world stacked against you.

Your new prospects are hungry for anything they can get from you for free, but at the moment they don’t know you, they don’t necessarily like you, and they don’t trust you enough to hand over their cash.


But what you have in your favour is the richest asset in marketing.

Their email address.

And with that you can reach them in their most intimate moments. The ones they share with their inbox. You can even use it to target them on Google and Facebook, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

You have their email address and now you need to start selling them something, but that will just turn them off. You’ll lose them as quickly as you gained them.

So, what to do?

You can’t wait until your next monthly newsletter rolls round, most of your readers will have forgotten who you are by then.

I suggest you set up an “autoresponder” series. A series of emails that will help build that familiarity and trust between you and your audience.

I have a course on Udemy that spells the emails out word for word, but in summary you want your emails to:

  • get prospects to experience the benefits from your freebie
  • demonstrate the success others are having from the paid version of your product
  • convince prospects they can get the same results
  • get prospects to engage in other channels

When they buy, you want to switch them up to a similar series for customers on your lower level products to get them to higher level products.

(That’s why I suggest spending a few dollars on ActiveCampaign as your email tool, rather than a free solution like Mailchimp which can’t react to these changes. )

That’s it! I’ll have a bit more on this tomorrow.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

P.S.: If you’re struggling with any of the concepts in this email, and you’re too shy to comment in the Facebook group, just hit reply and ask me what you need.

I read every email that comes in, and wherever possible I’ll give you a response or point you to a resource to help.

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