Let me tell you how I came across the real power of stepping away from “spray and pray” email marketing.

About 10 years back I was running a loyalty scheme for online retailers.

It was a reasonably big deal. Over a million members and I was adding 50,000 new ones every month. Then my job was to make the acquisition costs back by emailing offers to the members.

We sent a LOT of email, about 6 million each month, and to be honest, a lot of the deals the sales team had us pushing were pretty ropey. Nevertheless it paid the bills for a team of about 20 people.

Not much else though, we were turning over about a million pounds and not making much profit.

I looked at the numbers and we had two big problems:

1. If a member didn’t start collecting points or filling our our join-up survey withing the first 2-3 days we’d pretty much lost them

2. For a lot of members we had nothing more than an email address and a first name so we couldn’t target very well.

However, the members that started earning loyalty points straight away, generally stuck around, put up with the spammy sales emails and earned us good money.

After a few days we had enough data on these people to know how they preferred to earn their points.

  • Collecting freebies
  • Doing surveys
  • Shopping online
  • and so on

I also knew, from running other loyalty programmes, that the quicker we could get someone to redeem points, the longer they would stay, even if it cost us a bit more at the start.

So, we put a welcome series of 5 emails in place before the members were allowed to collect anything else.

Our sales team really kicked off at this – all that fresh data and they weren’t allowed to touch it for a week – I had a few strong words that week I can tell you!

The emails ran through how points were earned and redeemed, they spelled out how  to get the “easy” incentives like Channel Ferry tickets, and also the bigger items like Playstations & TV’s.

We gave examples and testimonials from existing members.

We told them how to join our forum to find out about new deals (this is all before Facebook was big, or Twitter even existed!).

We told them about our refer-a-friend scheme.

And along the way we gave links to offers that helped us put users into segments based on how they preferred to earn points.

The results were a game-changer.

From 5 emails, we increased how much a new member earned by 20%  in the first 6 weeks with no cost.

A £1 million break-even business was suddenly earning 20% profits, in a reliable, consistent way that kept working even when I went on holiday.

And investors LOVE that.

Within a few months the business was sold to a European competitor for a 20x profits multiple. That’s compared to an average of about 3.5 for most businesses.

The original investors cashed out handsomely and I had the runway to start my own agency.

Think about it.

5 emails.

They turned a struggling business into a millionaire maker.

So why are you still reading this?

Either get the course, or give me a call so I can do it for you.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

P.S.: The first 5 emails are something you want to get in place right now.

As soon as there’s any possibility that someone is going to sign up to your email list, you need something to send them. Even if you’ve nothing to sell, have something to say. The longer you leave it the less traction you’ll have when you eventually get round to it.

I’s a 90 minute course, and takes 2-4 hours to act on. You can have this in place before bedtime if you start now.

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