Before I go through the last lesson, I want to ask you one question.

If your day was cut in half,  what would you do differently?

If you had to stop on the dot of midday, rather than dragging on until 5 or 6, how would your schedule change?

You’d definitely cut that commute.

Most of your meetings would probably get declined too.

You might hire someone to do the more mundane tasks you’ve got used to

And you sure as hell wouldn’t be checking Facebook in between work emails.

You see, you probably already know what’s needed to run a business that’s at least as successful as what you’re already doing, but on half the time.

You’re just not letting yourself do it.

The problem isn’t that you don’t have a good idea. The problem is you’ve been conditioned not to act on it.

The problem isn’t that you don’t have money to start. The problem is you’ve been conditioned to think it’s necessary.

The problem isn’t that feature in that software that you can’t afford. The problem is you’re not making use of the tools you already have.

Every problem you have that stands between you and money, is down to beliefs you have about making it.

That’s why some kid who bought the same courses you did with his a credit card he stole form his big brother, has crushed every task he was set an is eating your lunch right now. He just never had those beliefs duped on him and now he HAS to make the money back or get a beating off his elder sibling.

Now, I’m not going to be that big brother to you. I’m not going to scare you into action. If your own situation isn’t scary enough to make you act then there’s not much I can do over an email.

But, I can help to clear out the trash before we start working together.

How I’ll do it is in the next email.


Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

P.S. No Jumping ahead this time.

But just take this time to reply and let me know why you’re not at the place you want to be with your business and the life it supports.

What’s holding you back?

It doesn’t matter if you think I can fix it or not, just let me know. Get it down in writing.

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