As you read this email, it’s likely I’m doing one of the following things:

1) Getting a good night’s sleep

The hustle & grind culture isn’t what you’ll find in my emails.

In fact I’ll probably tell you to work less rather than more. If you do nothing but work, where is your inspiration for content going to come from?

My mantra is “strategic laziness”. Eliminate everything that’s not necessary, automate anything that you can, and delegate the rest. Guard your creative energy like gold, because that’s what it is in the world of a creator.

2) With my family

I have a daughter who I get to spend time with every day. Something my dad never could, living in an era with far fewer choices than you or I have today.

3) Out in my boat

Not some retirement fantasy of a fishing boat off the gulf coast of Florida.

I started rowing competively again a few years back, and my weapon of choice is a racing single sculling boat.

There’s a serious business story about it that I’ll tell soon, but not in this email.

4) Walking my dog, or reading

I read a lot. I also watch more TV than the average guru would admit to, but I love watching films and drama series with the eye of a storyteller. Picking apart the story arcs and metaphors for our own lives. It’s the easiest way to find new and relevant material without getting lost in the news.

My dog, Charlie, gets a lot of exercise. After I’ve devoured a book for a couple of hours, walking is the best way to change gears and let it melt into the rest of my experiences to form new ideas.

5) Maybe, just maybe, I’m working

You’d have to have caught me in a pretty early and narrow window of time though.

All that hard stuff I began with takes time, so I make sure my “work”, what I call the moments of actual creation, takes up as little time as possible.

That’s completely different to how most people look at work, and how we’ve had it drummed into us that we should operate.


Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

P.S. Were expecting an email lesson?

Well, this was it, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow until I spell it out.

Ot you could just click here to fast forward to the next email.

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