So, by a whisker, yesterday’s poll said you’re interested in building your email lists.

OK, that’s cool, I happen to know a bit about it 😉

Most people suck at list building because they’re terrified of spending money on traffic.

They buy traffic, try to build a list, and then can’t convert it to sales.

Does that sound familiar?

If it does, it’s because you’re looking down the wrong end of the telescope, and making life way too hard on yourself.

Hard work isn’t a virtue. It’s for cattle and horses, not bright people like you.

Let’s be a bit smarter about this.

There’s a lot of talk about building an audience before you sell, and there’s some merit in that, but let me tell you a story that shines a different light on it.

When the Playstation 3 came out, there were loads of companies trying to build their email lists with prize-draws.

I’d get about £1 for every lead I could get to sign up to someone else’s promotion and I found about 8 of them.

Instead of paying for 8 clicks, I ran my own promotion and then sent the same people on to the other deals as a sort of “second bite of the cherry”

I made about £4.50 on every name I got on my own list.

These people were HOT to get a free Playstation.

Here’s the landing page by the way:
It’s embarrassingly ugly, but it made good money!

With a few tweaks (which I’ll tell you about later this week) it’s a solid page for an information product.

Here’s where it all went wrong though.

I ran out of offers to promote and started sending promotions to win an X-Box instead.

The list BOMBED, and when I found another Playstation offer, the list never performed as well as it had before.

I’d gone off track and lost their trust.

I’ve seen it happen since. A client of mine who ran a really successful student offer started teaching about Bitcoin when all the hype started.

He shot his credibility in the head and never recovered.

Always remember your list isn’t interested in being part of your experiment in making money.

They want your expertise and experience on a fairly narrow range of topics.

Nailing down what that is can take you some time, but when you find it, you have to stick to it.

You have to be strategic.

Strategic means knowing what direction you’re headed in.

If you’re on a train and it breaks down, and they put you on a bus, you’ll be annoyed that it takes longer.

You won’t be half as annoyed as if you got on a train which didn’t break down, but took you somewhere else!

Start with your destination. What are you going to do for your audience?

You list-building should all build up to that.

What is it you’re building up to a sale of?

Reply to let me know and I’ll try to include a couple of examples tomorrow to show how that transitions into an incentive for your lead magnet.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

c/o The Conversion Co., 2a The High Street, Thames Ditton, KT7 0RY, United Kingdom
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