After 6 weeks I missed a day.

No super-dramatic reason, I just got side-lined by a client job, and then a bunch of minor family dramas and when it came to the last hours of the day I didn’t even have the energy to flake out in front of Netflix and had to turn in early.

I’m usually up until the small hours, but last night it was lights out at the same time as my 10 year old daughter.

It might have had something to do with going rowing for two hours yesterday morning, and trying, naively, to keep ahead of Elo Luik, an Estonian who should have been going to the Olympics this summer.

(Yes, I’m that old fart who still thinks he can mix it with the pro’s it like when he was 25.)

One of the great joys of working for yourself, and having products and affiliate deals as the major part of your income, is that you can shunt things around a bit when you want to.

Yesterday was hot and calm, but the weekend is due to be wet and windy, so I moved my schedule about a bit and I’ll probably do a bit more writing on the weekend.

I set myself a 5x per week target for 2 months as a kick up the backside. I’ve been writing email sequences for other people and let my own list go dusty.

After that I might scale back to maybe 3x per week.

I’ve got some more in-depth products planned that will need 100% focus on the days I’m working on them.

Anyhow, I’m sure you could care less about the email itself, but the lesson behind it might be useful.

Writing is a habit you need to build.

The hardest bit of it is carving out a realistic amount of time to do it, just like exercise or taking time to spend with your family.

That’s why the early days are so hard. Not because the writing itself is hard, but because other things you were doing before, keep pushing into the time you’ve allocated.

Building a “winning streak” is a powerful way to build momentum, but some days even that isn’t enough.

At that point you have two choices.

Get back on with it, or let the “failure” become a habit. Giving up is every much a bad habit as smoking or biting your fingernails, and it gets trained every time you use it.

So, don’t be too hard on yourself if you drop the ball, as long as you pick it up again as quickly as possible.

That’s the lesson.

If there’s something you keep starting and stopping, try the 4/5ths rule. It’s ok if you miss out 1 day each week, just never make it 2.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.


I’ll pick up the thread of our landing pages lesson a bit later today

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